A wealth of interactive and economic opportunities for GrokBank participants

GrokBank brings together Elon Musk's vision to blend the power of DeFi with the brilliance of community-driven AI. Our experienced team achieved significant milestones in the early stages of the project, laying a strong foundation for GrokBank's success.

GrokBank, as an emerging digital currency project, shows great potential and market prospects. As it continues to innovate and improve in terms of technology, applications and security, it is reasonable to believe that GrokBank will become a significant force in the cryptocurrency space


Token Economics

GrokBank's token economy Model
Owned public chain: BSC
Tax rate mechanism: buy 5%- sell 5%

Business partner

Route map

First stage

  • Officially launched at the Pancake Exchange
  • Twitter KOL Promotion Program
  • Complete audit and KYC
  • CMC and CG
  • Binance AMA Promotion

Second stage

  • More than 10,000 community members
  • Limited Edition GrokBank NFT released
  • GrokBank Price X10000
  • Enable DAO mode management

Third stage

  • GrokBank listed on major exchanges
  • NFT trading market launch
  • Mining game starts
  • Combined with artificial intelligence technology
  • Create a virtual social platform

Stage 4

  • GrokBank meta-universe forming
  • Community users over 50w
  • Development of NFT equity pool
  • Launch Binance Exchange
  • Set up 3D lab
  • Continuous development and continuous improvement

Value and application

  • Explore the unknown, create the future

    In these rapidly changing times, GrokBank, with its advanced blockchain technology, is leading the way for the future of cryptocurrencies. We are not only the creators of digital currency, but also the pioneers of financial innovation.

  • Safety first, no match

    At GrokBank, we understand the importance of security for every user. With multiple encryption technologies and rigorous smart contract audits, we keep your money safe. Make every transaction easy and secure.

  • Financial ecology, unlimited possibilities

    GrokBank is used in more scenarios than you might imagine. From cross-border payments to micropayments, from digital identity verification to supply chain finance, we are working hard to create a new financial ecosystem. Make every transaction full of possibilities.

  • The future is here, GrokBank is with you

    As a pioneer of the future, GrokBank carries the expectations and trust of countless people. We will continue to optimize the technology, expand the application field, and jointly meet the bright future of cryptocurrency with users around the world. Join GrokBank and start a new chapter in crypto!